Are your postoperative patients
adhering 100% to your instructions?
Simple solution overcomes the limitations of traditional post operative checklists with NO need for expensive 6-7 figure software commitments.
Your Quality Scores
Depend On Your Patients
You've done all you can. But what about your patients?

We know physicians are measured on quality. And quality outcomes depend on patients carefully adhering to your instructions.

Here's a tool that will help reinforce your postoperative instructions so patients can be more compliant.

Up until now, patients only had one way to follow your instructions. With this tool, your patients can work with you in any way they wish.

They'll get audio instructions, video instructions, dial-by-extension, text to phone. And if they aren't tech savvy at all, they can always Dial-By-Extension just like they do now.
Anywhere Anytime
Stress patient may access anytime, anywhere.
Caregivers and loved ones can also hear your instructions.
Watch | Listen | Read
For the first time, your patients can choose how they would like to connect with your instructions.
With traditional checklists, patients can become confused because they don't have the depth of knowledge to understand what we are saying. The video/audio portions can help educate the patient. Once they understand, compliance will increase.
Reminder Links are just a call or a click away. Our checklists include links to Dial-By-Extension, SMS-text, website, video and audio.
Visually Attractive
While no checklist will make it into an art museum, our checklists are easy to scan - and won't strain the eye.
PostOp checklists -
Anywhere, Anytime.
Most physicians keep xeroxing stacks of paperwork because it's always been done that way.

Traditional post-operative checklists are easy to lose and hard on the eye.

But what could this be costing you in terms of patient adherence - or lack of it - on your safety record - and your next evaluation?

We make your instructions easy to understand, easy to access, for better patient compliance - less stress, and more peace of mind for physicians.
Will You Be Part Of The Solution?

We make paper useful….

Physicians are rightfully held accountable for patient quality...

but what about patients?
Are they ever held accountable when they don't adhere to your careful instructions?

If you believe paper might be part of the solution...

consider our next Pilot program

A limited number of physicians will receive their own personalized patient post operative checklist.

A checklist that extends beyond paper.
A checklist that your patients can watch, listen to, or read.

We are testing this hypothesis - and with your results you can be part of the solution for your patients.
About the founder
Sustainability Systems & Design for Patient Compliance
Hi - my name is Nathan + I am a designer based outside Philadelphia. As a kid, my bedroom was above my father's waiting room.

I want you to have the same impact on your patients as my father did - even in the middle of today's difficult healthcare climate. Will you help me make a difference?
Curious? Talk to Nathan in the circle to learn more.

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