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December 31, 2015
A new version of our iOS app
We just released a new version of our iOS app, which is fully optimized for iOS 9. The new MoneyKeeper App adapts to all screen sizes and orientation. The new version also brings you a feature that gives you a point of where we are going with MoneyKeeper App. You will arrange your trip with MoneyKeeper.
MoneyKeeper for the web v.2.6 is out
This was a big release with some cool new features and changes in our system to help us serve you better. Read on for a few of the highlights. Get a snapshot of your budget automatically in your email. This new email report will highlight the envelopes you've overspent on, as well as the ones you've underspent on so you can make any necessary adjustments to your budget. This feature will help you.
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  • What I'm working on today... prettying up some of my DocTalk podcast transcripts with medical authors to add more value.
  • Who knew Canva could be a basic InDesign substitute?
  • #physicianAuthors #healthcare #physicians35
Personal & Professional Development For Physicians
  • I originally posted this a couple years back. Here is a resource for you to consider pointing new physicians to.

  • #dearIntern
  • Just a short note from someone close to healthcare who cares and believes in you. You're going to grow more in the next month on the floors than you ever have before!
  • Last summer I interviewed 3 practicing MD friends and we created a 70 minute audio together to help you make your transition just a little easier.
  • We covered topics like work/life harmony (with or without kids), how to negotiate your first salary, and how to read financial reports so you don't get surprised in the real world.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for both the abridged report and the audio from the actual event. It drops next week.
  • Just my way of saying Thank You for stepping up yet again.
  • #medicine #medstudent
The Sign
The Sign

Apparently dad enlisted *my* help in hanging up his first ever rural clinic sign in 1979 ????

This photo makes me yearn for a simpler time when physicians weren't as micro managed - here are a few observations -

  • I can't imagine the fulfillment, pride, and gratitude that dad must have felt as he hung up that sign - at the dawn of his career. ????
  • (NOTE the authoritative "King James" font for his name. Nothing says "trustworthy" than your name with an MD after it in that font!)
Anyway, many other iterations of that sign went up over the next 38 years. But this first one probably felt different than any other.

This is an emotional picture for me, but not only for those reasons.

  • It's because what healthcare has turned into.
  • It's what so many equally dedicated, hardworking, and tireless docs DONT get to experience anymore.
  • Because this sign is a unicorn.
  • This kind of freedom is a myth that baits pre-med students - who will probably never have much opportunity to set their own hours, build their own life, and sweat their way through the challenges, ups and downs, like dad + his AMAZING staff did.

Instead, modern docs are micromanaged by:

  • -Admins
  • -Reimbursement systems.
  • -Political promises.
  • -That new EMR program.

Somewhere the autonomy is lost. We've lost the freedom for both patients and physicians. We lost the soul of medicine.

In some ways todays physicians might have it easier than dad. But I can't help feeling they miss out on a lot.

This simply underscores my WHY:

  • I want to help the people who work the hardest, borrow the most, study the longest, and sleep the least to start calling the shots again.
  • This can only happen through margin - and the freedom to look at medicine a different way.
You're probably thinking - What does HE know about medicine? You're right - I'm a designer not a doctor.

But unlike today's physicians, I've actually seen this human side of medicine.

And I want to help today's physician get it BACK.

It won't ever look 100% the same - yet it's 1000% possible to connect with your patients + increase that trust + care.

If there's an MD/DO/NP you know who is an old soul - and open to sustainable, design-centered approaches (vetted by practicing physicians), PM me.

I would LOVE to hear *their* story too.

#margin #MD #doctors #Medical #patients27w

The Innovators:
How a Group of Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

Ever consider practicing medicine YOUR way, instead of the institutional way?*

When my father completed his residency in 1979 he did a really unusual thing.

Instead of taking a job at the hospital where he completed his residency, or a similar job, he decided to set up his own rural family medicine clinic.

This #throwbackThursday photo is unusual for several reasons.

1. Believe it or not, this is a dedication not a funeral. This was Pastor Beveridge, leading a prayer of blessing for dad's business. It was obviously a very powerful prayer.

2. Despite this, there is a very irreverent child on a tricycle, completely oblivious to the occasion.

3. My childhood memories always have me playing the role of submissive kid, who never ever engaged in the kinds of disrespectful displays of disobedience that are completely acceptable in modern society. However this photo is proof that my memories betray me, and that I was out totting around on my tricycle instead of helping out in the prayer circle.

4. This is proof my parents really did cut me some slack.

My encouragement for you is that there really are ways, even today, of practicing medicine your way. There are ways to create ethical margin while actually going deeper with your patients, without having to tick electronic boxes all the time.

*Don't take my word for it - join others who choose to #PracticeByDesign. (You don't have to do anything weird to your basement either.)

PS - Next Thursday I will have more vintage photos that show how you, too, can convert your basement into a waiting room.

#MD #DO #medical #doctor #time #margin #MDtime #MDmargin

The Innovators:
How a Group of Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution
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