Patient-Proof Your PostOp

WHAT I DID with Dr. Fadi:

1. Website
2. Recorded Interview
3. Created links to LISTEN | READ | WATCH
4. Hosted the site & media for 12 months

1. Menu of Options - patient touchpoints
2. You Pick One or Several.
3. We Record your Interview
4. You Implement & Track

1. We buildout your menu.

EXCLUSIVE Free Training With Nathan:
* Save Time With a Done-For-You System That Patient-Proofs your PostOp checklists.
* Focus On Doing Less To Get Higher Margin
* Decide Which PatientProof Item to Eliminate that Will Get You the Results You Want Without Sacrificing Your Time.

Checklist Makeover: Done-For-You
includes 3 components:

Anywhere/Anytime Patient Access
- Next time your patient loses their checklist, they will know where to access from their phone.
- Online access + storage*
- READ | LISTEN | WATCH - 24/7/365
- Redundant patient access to QR Code, TEXT to ACCESS or Website.

Scheduled Virtual Recording Time
- You will have up to 55 minutes scheduled time
- a 20 minute conversation around your checklist.
- access to an edited recording of that checklist conversation.

PostProduction + Details
- intro/outro all done for you. Simply give me your bio (we ask for it in our form) and I will read it before our conversation
- Any frequently asked/answered followup questions are welcome as part of this conversation.

Bottom line, your patients have a patient-proof checklist that will emotionally resonate with your patients and result in fewer unnecessary staff calls.

OR Select the DIY Guide for just $97 HERE.
You can delegate the same steps to your assistant or webdeveloper.