Are Your Patients Confused By Your PostOp Checklist?
Did You Know 15% of Patients Are Functionally Illiterate?

The Other 85% Are Confused & Overwhelmed Too!

Traditional Checklists Look
or just plain Scary.

WHAT IF had clear, clean, easy checklists that resonate with your patients
Anywhere Anytime, on their iphone?
Why Easy Checklists Beat Scary Checklists -
Easy to Follow
Clear, pretty checklists are easy to understand and easy to use.
Harder to Get Sick
Having easy checklists that are easy to follow makes it harder for infections to persist.
Unfair Advantage
An easy checklist helps your patients and sets you apart from your colleagues.
Components of a Patient-Proof Checklist
A patient-proof checklist is forget-proof, lost-proof, even callback-proof. We link your paper checklist to additional just-in-time resources - to help you empower your patients with the help they need whenever they need it, wherever they are.

Here's what you get:
Checklist Makeover
Our 4 step review process ensures your checklist is easy to look at - and follow.
Studio Time
Talk about your checklist - What to do, and Why to do it. Includes up to 20 minutes virtual Studio time, via your laptop camera.
Patients can LISTEN, READ, or WATCH via a link to their iPhone, anywhere, anytime.
Share The Love.
Contact us below if you would like to hear more about Easy PostOp Checklists that won't confuse or overwhelm your patients.
Your Ethical Advantage
Why It Pays to Make the Extra Effort for Patients...
Enhanced Patient Experience
Lower Complication Rate
Increased Practice Appraisal Value
How It Works
Reach Out
When you connect with us below, you'll empower us to reachout to your doctor with simple solutions that work for both of you!
Learn More
We apply our four step Patient-Proof method to improve your doctor's checklist.
Enjoy Your Checklist
Your doctor will have an easy checklist and you'll appreciate the ease of use. It could be the first of many "small" improvements that make a big difference.
Help Them Help You

Little Known Fact: Doctors are working longer hours to repay increasing amounts of debt. They aren't even able to practice the way they were taught to. They have to follow a business model instead of the patient care model they went to school for.

They have to check boxes instead of looking you in the eye during your short visit - or else the government will keep all the money you paid.

These are just some of the reasons why your checklist is so hard to follow sometimes.

With your help, we can help your doctor improve the "little things" that make a big difference for you.
What MDs Say
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You Might Just Be Thinking...
None of My Colleagues Do This Yet
That's exactly what gives you the possibility of an unfair advantage. Forward-thinking physicians who make space for a better patient experience lead the pack in an otherwise commodified market.
This Just Sounds Like Another Expense
Eliminating process slowdowns like lost checklists, frantic calls from caregivers who weren't in the exam room with the patient, and enhanced accuracy from a cleaner checklist can recoup your investment - quickly.

Still skeptical? Check our DIY option.
I Like My Current Checklist
With 15% of patients functionally illiterate, and the attention span of the rest of us has shrunk to mere seconds. Giving your patients a clean, easy checklist lightens the cognitive load - and could enable a lower complication rate for you.
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