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*RFP - Request for Participants

Many physicians go to work each day feeling trapped. They *are* trapped. It's a shame that many physicians - just like you - simply do not have the time or freedom to practice the way you were trained to.

Even worse, the patients you are trying to serve know something's wrong - and many of them *blame you* instead of the people who created this mess.

This has to stop. Fortunately there are hopeful voices making a difference.

You might have heard of them**:

  1. Dr. Pam Wible's "Ideal Health Clinic" model pairs physicians with appreciative communities who directly compensate them.
  2. Dr. Zubin Demania's "Health 3.0" manifesto advocates common sense reforms from the medical system to connect physicians and patients.
  3. Dr. Marion Mass models physician advocacy in the editorial writings and legislative action.
  4. Dr. Marty Makary's book "The Price We Pay" exposes 'gotcha' price gouging, destroying patient trust.
  5. Emmy-nominated filmmaker Robyn Symon's "Do No Harm" takes viewers through the rigors of medical training amidst the scourge of physician overwhelm, ideation, and tragic suicide - with 1400+ documented.

This RFP is a Request For Participants.
Here is an additional solution - for those who want more.

Our goal is to equip physicians with the margin they need to improve their own wellbeing. Four simple tools rooted in sustainability design principles. Flexible and effective for solo physicians and hospitalists alike.

I remember when medicine was much simpler than it is now...
**To be clear the above list of physicians / authors / film makers is for illustrative purposes only and there is no relationship between them and this initiative given or implied.
Helping my father circa 1979 hanging up his first rural clinic sign.

His practice closed last year at 40 years to the day.

Restoring the Golden Age of Medicine

Can you imagine the freedom & fulfillment dad must have felt as a 30 year old family doctor? That's exactly what I want for you - regardless of your situation today.

These photos bookend my life as a firstborn to medicine. Living the last days of the solo country doctor right out of a Norman Rockwell painting simply by hanging out with my dad. I went on house calls, lived a floor above his waiting room, and even helped him hang his sign in front of the house.

Medicine was never my calling; sustainable design is. And my dream came true 10 years ago as an adjunct professor of Instructional Design helping relaunch a graduate degree program at LaSalle University.

It was my privilege to teach hundreds of graduate students & faculty in the skillsets of design and sustainability thinking. And if you'll let me, we'll empower your performance build the extra margin that you might just need in the midst of your day.
    The same principles I taught students went directly into these prototypes. And if you wish, together we can collaborate on specific implementations that will work for you.

    Because this toolbox is designed to resource micromanaged physicians just like you to identify and create margin throughout your day.

    This RFP - Request For Participants is our way of opening up these prototypes to your input - so that they really work - not in theory - but in real clinical life. Ultimately we will collect, analyze, and publish the data about the results - and improve the prototypes based upon these results.

    Imagine having overwhelm margin... right when you need it.

    So you can...
    • Practice the way you want to - not they way an administrator tells you to.
    • Feel amazing by putting your patients - and yourself - first.
    • Look forward to the next day.
    • Have the peace of mind extra margin gives you.
    Your Opportunity
    I have a confession to make: I want to help.

    I want to put these tools in your hands - and custom fit them so that they will work in your unique situation.
    Whether you are direct pay with complete control over how you practice - or whether you're a hospitalist seeing 30 patients a day or more, we can use design principles to make this work for you.

    Take the first step - let's connect.
    Click the button below, setup the best time for you.
    We will together be able to find margin-enhancing solutions for you.
    Get Margin
    As you implement these tools, we will improve and custom fit them to your situation so you have the maximum margin possible.
    Once you opt-in, I will send you a short, 60 second email to introduce you to the toolbox and the individual tools.

    • You'll see from a design standpoint why assembly line medicine is unsustainable at any level and only snowballs the costs and human toll.

    • You'll discover the three elements of medicine that have existed from the dawn of recorded history - and why one of them has suddenly changed in the last 20 years, and mainstreamed in the last 20 weeks.

    • You'll realize the potential empowerment you could have through your willingness to adapt elements 2 and 3.

    Connect with me below and I will send you an schedule link for next week. I will also send you a short, focused daily email that lays out the information I promised above, so you can quickly digest it and move ahead through your day.

    If after our conversation you don't feel this is for you, please feel free to unsubscribe and unfollow me.

    ALSO - I know we are just meeting here on the internet, a place filled with scams, exaggerations, and unfulfilled promises. A truly crazy place to meet. And it's the only way I have to connect with people like you who want more out of your work.

    Connect with me here, set a time, and let's create some solutions for you.

    WARNING - The reason you haven't heard about this until now - is frankly because I am afraid of these concepts falling into the wrong hands. What is meant as a resource and oasis for physicians - if not guarded by physicians - will surely be scraped by the "suits", hardwired into an EMR, and weaponized against the very physicians we are helping.

    *To be clear This list of physicians / authors / film makers is for illustrative purposes only and there is no relationship between them and this initiative given or implied.
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